I know, I know...

Our epicness has been a little lacking as of late but believe me it will return!
Just hang in there :)

Love your wacky blog friends XoXo

Just another fairytale expectation...

I am pretty sure I speak on behalf of my sisters when I post this and most likely 70% of the female population!

Give us a smile...

I'm playing around with some cool gif's forgive me, they amuse me :)
Oh I am terribly sorry they are mostly Disney affiliated... Who am I kidding no I'm not!
As you can see I love the smiles :)
Maly Xxxxxx.

Sometimes when you talk to someone so much there's room to get creative with facebook inbox's :P

Some may call us losers, I just call us best friends.

Maly Xx.


Guess who scored them self work experience at Dolly next year...
ME! Maly! (Well Georgie did too but that's not what I meant!)

Maly Xx.

Mark my words I will make one of these this Christmas when I'm in Canada! :D

"Your faith was strong but you needed proof."

My iTunes Recently added playlist is going nuts with new songs, which I absolutely love! 
I have some lovely new music by:

♥ Sara Bareilles ♥
♥ Gavin DeGraw ♥
♥ Lady Antebellum ♥ 

♥Relient K ♥
♥ Selena Gomez & The Scene ♥
♥ John Legend ♥
♥ Destiny's Child ♥
♥ Ben Rector ♥
Maly Xx.

Self confessed Gleeks...

Gotta say it...
This episode of Glee was the BOMB!

Sincerely on part of all us sisters
Abby, Maly and Seli