FRIIGGGG school starts in 10 days! Where has my summer gone?!
But you know what? I'm going to try to be positive for ONCE IN MY LIFE & try to find 7 reasons that I want to go to school.


I miss my friends & all of the shenanigans we get into(:. Negative: my bff is moving. (the one in the red shirt w/ long hair.) :(


It will be my freshman year! That means no more looking at little idiot middle schoolers who think they're cool.

Negative: HIGH SCHOOL! That means looking at big high school idiots who think they're cool.

Ha I hope to not be doing any of that this year!

3. I get to meet new people!

<---Negative...Well okay I'm screwed there!

4. I am SICK of my brother ALL DAY LONG! He's so annoying!

5. I am going to decorate my locker awesomely! I am going to put a big black and white photo of Nick Jonas, then decorate around it w/ my favorite lyrics from the Jonas Brothers songs. (Ex: "Call us freaks, but that's just the way we roll." <--my favorite lyric.)

Negative: But SHIT every year my locker hates me! I will do the combo perfectly, then I ask someone to help me..they pass up one of the numbers, say "shoot," go all the way back and press the number AND THEY OPEN IT! I just don't get it. :/

6. I miss having fun in band & goofing off with my Sarah.! :)

Negative: New band teacher..AGAIN! Gosh dang it's like the band teacher spot is kind of like the "Defense Against the Dark Arts" spot in Harry Potter. (You won't get it if you haven't read Harry Potter.) And I hope the teacher is nice & cool!

7. I get to see that special someone every day. ♥

WOW Jessica that is the smartest thing you've EVER said. Usually we can all just tell you're thinking in your mind "UGH I hate Bella. She is taking Mike from me!" Or we KNOW you said "Bella, does this dress make my boobs like bigger?" We're very proud of you Jessica! X)

Well it looks like I am still a negative person! But at least I found SOME good things! Oh well...high school here I come!

Pretty please with a cherry on top?


Things that make us happy...

Thank you Blaizikins for this very happy tag :)

Okay so we have to list 7 things that make us happy.

We are going to do a list each...

Hmm...a lot of things make me happy! But I guess only 7 will have to do...

 The song "Scream & Shout" by Ozzy. :D

Sleeping in...which is about 8 am for me...what can I say? I'm an early bird!

Kittens! They're so cute and I love to hold & pet them. :)

 Hangin' with my awesome punk baby cousin Kamryn.

Reading a couple chapters of my Harry Potter book before I go to bed every night.!

Truly relaxing in a pool....(isn't this kid so cute?)

The crunchies from Long John Silvers...(don't mind the chicken/shrimp.)



Music and singing
Blogging and the lovely things that accompany it
Reading amazing books and magazines
Having time to myself
Spending time with friends and family


1) Watching a good episode of Bones
2)Hanging out with my home girls
3)Having wonderful adventures
4) Music
5)Cute Pictures that Inspire me
6) Pretty masquerade Balls
7) Fashion

Maybe the truth was,

Meet Lucy...

She wanted to say hi...

Random video time...

So I found this one via a kid on facebook.
Obviously these grown boys were very bored.
I have always loved these sorts of things.
This video sort of reminds me of Mousetrap for some unknown reason.
Maly Xx.

Have a little giggle :)

Oh Yes the famous snog-o-meter!
Not so famous? Check out this post then.
Maly Xx.

Did my SMB win?

You'll just have to watch this video and find out! It's only 4 minutes! And my man is NOT in the white hat, he's has a white headband on. :D


Rafael Nadal=Sexy Man Beast

Ohhhh yes Rafael Nadal just won the Semi Finals at Wimbledon! If you all thought Andy Murray even had a chance you are freaking nuts!
Oh and if you have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the Men's Tennis Semi Finals today.

My fave pic of him! I'll be hanging this in my locker!!

He has awesome muscles!

Greatest hair!!!

And he's good at biting things! ;)

He looks smokin in orange!


I can't wait for the finals!!!!!

Rafael Nadal is my sexy man beast!!!!!! ♥♥♥