be, be, be, be, be.

'41. Be someone’s definition of perfect.'

Another thing to be.
This is how excited we are when we get new followers, comments and love. :)

Dream on.

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LEE WON!!!!!



Maly and Seli...

So obviously, now it is my turn to talk about Maly and Seli...some of the greatest people I know. As Maly said, I really can't remember not getting up at 5:30 a.m. in the morning so I can talk to them. :) But I'm an early birdy anyways. I really look up to Maly and Seli (cause duh they're older than me) and I can always be myself around them. And we all share more than our love of the Jonas Brothers. :)

This is Maly, and if you haven't followed her blog, you need to do's the link: 7things.

So as you all know, I first left a "nice" little comment on Maly's blog and then I made the right decision of making a twitter so I could talk to her and Seli. :) now we have twitter "convos" almost everyday (except now cause "off to singing with Mollie Gollie"-her exact words from twitter.) Maly does like to sing and she's quite good at it too. She really loves music as well, and ALL of it. It seems like Maly never has a bad day because she's always in a great mood an can always cheer me up. Maly can always find nice things to say about anybody or anything, which is what I love about her. Her blog posts are amazing too, they're short yet sweet, and always leave a mark on me. She also makes me laugh when she mixes words up and she gets "confuzzled" a lot. We always get into complicated topics about the differences of the American and Australian system...and there are a lot! Like yesterday, we were talking about Driver's Ed and all of that...and it was all very confuzzling!!! X) Anyways, I'm glad I can count on Maly to always make me laugh and teach me a few things about her country.

Ahh this is Seli. Here's her blog link: Seli's blog. It's so adorable and addicting!

Seli is definitely our epic little kiwi, and she is always thinking of great ideas, such as the name of this blog and the idea for this post. Seli's gonna go places!

The first time I remember any sort of idea of Seli is when I saw her colorful blog called "What I Heart." I thought, "Aw, cool blog!" And I could've SWORE I followed it. But then, about 3 weeks after that, I was checking out blogs and I ran into hers again. I was like "Wait, why haven't I been reading her posts? I followed her!" And I looked at her followers and I was not on there! So I followed her, made a comment, and ever since then we've been good friends. Seli's blog never fails to cheer me up. Her posts are every once in a while, but they always make me smile. :) Seli is really sweet and she is the one that got me back into liking Taylor Swift! I always thought TS was sort of annoying, then I'd love her, then I'd hate her, but now I truly love her and her music!

Seli's the oldest of the group and I just can't believe she's gonna be 17. She just seems much younger to me, I don't know why! Seli has her obsessions, like Bones. And me, Maly, and Seli all share our obsession with the Jo Bros and Dem!!! Right now we're on twitter talking about the sadness of no more Jemi. :(

So, both of these are my beautiful friends across seas, and in my language arts class, we're making a scrapbook about the 8th grade year. A page option was "A Special Relationship." I wrote a paragraph about Seli & Maly...and decorated the page! It's actually the page that I worked the hardest on, and I'll post a pic of it when I'm done!

I'm glad that I decided to make a blog AND twitter, because where would I be if I never would've met them? I would've still thought New Zealand was by Ireland and the Jonas Brothers had already been to Australia! And yes, I really thought those things!!!! Hee hee.



Be Unforgettable.

It's hard for me to remember a time when me and my beautiful co-bloggersdidn't have daily chats, most of the time about the randomest things, over twitter. But in actual fact it hasn't been all that long, 3 months maybe.

The first time I heard of Abby was when she sent me this comment 

'Hello Maly. 
My name is Abby, and I just found your blog. I ♥ it, and it's really inspirational.
I'm following you on Twitter as well. (I'm Soaplover22).
Just wanted to let you know. :)

That was at the end of February. So I guess I checked out her blog, we tweeted and our friendship blossomed. I started to expect a comment from Abby on at least every 3rd post on 7things because she never seemed to miss a single one of my posts. 
Me and Abby seemed to just hit-it-off straight away. I love the way Abby is just so random and happy. She always has something new and great to say. She always manages to brighten my days up. I love that she is a morning girl (like 5.30? Is she nuts?) and loves to rock out to Elvis, Demi, The Jonas Brothers and play the clarinet! Pretty much Abby just rocks in all the little simple ways that make her, well her epic self. She finds ways to make things exciting and we dreamed up pans of meeting each other and forming a joint blog. (along with Seli) There's never a shortage of topics to be talking about or questions to be asked. We have argued whether Indiana or South Australia are the most boring states and giggled at each others accents and cute little quirks.

Now Seli is one amazing Kiwi, I can tell you that much. She will never fail to make me grin like a loon and be in fits of giggles. With our shared views on many things including the Booth and Bones debacle, Demi's amazing music and the epicness that is Abby. For those of you who don't have to live through our spamming of your twitter pages with our many, many conversations about Bones, music, blogs and Nick Jonas' effortless hotness you may consider yourself lucky or you may wish you were part of these epic conversations. (If you would like to be links for our twitters are in the side bar follow away) 
So how did me and Seli become twitter buddies you ask?
Well it goes a little like this,
One day I got a new follower called Selina and of course was amused by her name. I checked out her blog, loved it and I thought I had followed her. Months later when we were following one another on twitter I realised that I hadn't noticed any of her posts in my blog list. That time I made sure I was following her and somewhere between then and now we got talking on twitter.

I consider myself truly blessed to know these two wonderful girlies and hope that one day we will rule the world ;) They are of course unforgettable and I'm sure I will remember them when I am old and grey, may even still be tweeting them at 84 years of age...

Whisper hello, I miss you quite terribly

Now I thought that for this blog post, I would tell you a little bit about my dear co-bloggers, Abby and Maly- How I met them, What I like about them and their blogs etc.. So enjoy this little insight
Abby- So about January, February of this year, I got a cute little comment on my blog from a deary named Abby, telling me that she liked my blog and would I check out here blog. That is when I stumbled across Abby’s blog “A Little Blog of Randomness”. I love her blog because it is a sweet little blog that focuses on the Funny, Quirky, Random and positive things about life. And when she got twitter, I began to have little late night (my time) chats with her, and discovered hoe great she is
Abby is an amazing person. She has a fun, quirky personality. She is so likeable and her blog never fails to cheer me up (Especially Random Wednesdays) lives a whopping 16 hours behind me (time wise). But she is always up for a little chat. Abby is just amazing  

Maly- So once again we go back to the beginning of this year. I noticed that Toongen, Georgie, Blaize and others all seemed to be getting tonnes of comments from this chick called maly. So one day on a whim, I visited 7 things.  I knew that as soon I saw that she did a whole heap of lists on her blog that I would be hooked. And like I did with Abby, I visited her twitter. And the rest was history
Maly is my fangirl friend. We share a love of Bones (And its lovely nerdy Boys) Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Pink and other things. Maly understands why I want to throw stuff at the T.V when Booth and Brennan somehow still manage to not get together. Maly is hilarious and witty and just fun to talk to
So there we go. My lovely maly and Abby. They are such wonderful wonderful girls and share so many common goals, dreams and interests. And although we are from 3 different countries, we can get along. So much so that some day’s I go “man It would be epic if Maly and Abby lived in New Zealand (Hmm what a great idea *cough cough*

Crazy, funky, junky hat...

Anyone else able to recite this off the top of their heads?


Heyyy guys! I'm getting ready for my 8th grade dance. Here's my hair:

It's never been curled does it look? Of course I'll post pics later of the dance! :)))
Have a great weekend everyone! And a big xoxo to our 17 followers!


It's Seli :)

Yup saying wassup!
As you may know, I'm the creator of this blog.
But for those of you who don't know me, i thought I'd post a few pics to explain who I am.
Yes I'm a Jonas Brothers fan. Yes I'm mega jealous of Abby. But I know she'll take pictures and blog ALL about it
 I'm a bit of a dreamer. But dreams keep me going and keep me sane.
Starbucks reminds me of good times with friends . I also like the taste

 These books are love. Amazing and provoking. I also love the movies
 I'm just a little bit obsessed with this show

I also love Disney, The colour pink and other fun stuff

I look forward to hearing from you all. Don't be shy, tweet me or follow my blog



NOW you must be thinking, ..."What is official Abby?"

"3 random kids?" you ask....
No, it's not just 3 random kids, it's:
Well, not actually the Jonas Brothers, but me and my friend Breanne got tickets to their concert last night!!!
We're pretty close, and we have this VIP thing where we get to get there earlier, and then we get to go into the sound check room! :)))
The concert is August 9th-on a school night! We'll be pretty tired and too pumped to even go to sleep when we get to her house!
And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has followed us. Me, Seli, and Maly will make this blog as fun and interesting as possible, so you don't wanna miss out!
Have a lovely day everyone! <----- I ♥ the color of this font!

The sunshine you bring into my life I will remember forever...

I just can't help coming back to this blog, getting really excited and then look at all the pretty pictures on the side. :)
So I thought I would go ahead and be the first one to do a proper post (intimidating much?) and all that jazz, except I for the life of me had nothing epic to post. So I will get back to you with that and for now this is just hello and something to giggle at...

Maly Xx.