Be Unforgettable.

It's hard for me to remember a time when me and my beautiful co-bloggersdidn't have daily chats, most of the time about the randomest things, over twitter. But in actual fact it hasn't been all that long, 3 months maybe.

The first time I heard of Abby was when she sent me this comment 

'Hello Maly. 
My name is Abby, and I just found your blog. I ♥ it, and it's really inspirational.
I'm following you on Twitter as well. (I'm Soaplover22).
Just wanted to let you know. :)

That was at the end of February. So I guess I checked out her blog, we tweeted and our friendship blossomed. I started to expect a comment from Abby on at least every 3rd post on 7things because she never seemed to miss a single one of my posts. 
Me and Abby seemed to just hit-it-off straight away. I love the way Abby is just so random and happy. She always has something new and great to say. She always manages to brighten my days up. I love that she is a morning girl (like 5.30? Is she nuts?) and loves to rock out to Elvis, Demi, The Jonas Brothers and play the clarinet! Pretty much Abby just rocks in all the little simple ways that make her, well her epic self. She finds ways to make things exciting and we dreamed up pans of meeting each other and forming a joint blog. (along with Seli) There's never a shortage of topics to be talking about or questions to be asked. We have argued whether Indiana or South Australia are the most boring states and giggled at each others accents and cute little quirks.

Now Seli is one amazing Kiwi, I can tell you that much. She will never fail to make me grin like a loon and be in fits of giggles. With our shared views on many things including the Booth and Bones debacle, Demi's amazing music and the epicness that is Abby. For those of you who don't have to live through our spamming of your twitter pages with our many, many conversations about Bones, music, blogs and Nick Jonas' effortless hotness you may consider yourself lucky or you may wish you were part of these epic conversations. (If you would like to be links for our twitters are in the side bar follow away) 
So how did me and Seli become twitter buddies you ask?
Well it goes a little like this,
One day I got a new follower called Selina and of course was amused by her name. I checked out her blog, loved it and I thought I had followed her. Months later when we were following one another on twitter I realised that I hadn't noticed any of her posts in my blog list. That time I made sure I was following her and somewhere between then and now we got talking on twitter.

I consider myself truly blessed to know these two wonderful girlies and hope that one day we will rule the world ;) They are of course unforgettable and I'm sure I will remember them when I am old and grey, may even still be tweeting them at 84 years of age...

4 little epic thoughts...:

~Abby~ said...

That first picture is cute Maly! :)
It seems like I met you guys a long time ago, but it's only been aboout 4 months! Sniffles.

Jesa said...

Aw stumbled on your blog and I think you are seriously adorable. And i agree fuck normality!

Cheers beautiful!

Gabrielle said...

This blog is great! I love it! Never fails to get a chuckle out of me :)

<3 <3,

Francesca said...

That's so sweet! I love that you guys are internet best friends(:

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