Whisper hello, I miss you quite terribly

Now I thought that for this blog post, I would tell you a little bit about my dear co-bloggers, Abby and Maly- How I met them, What I like about them and their blogs etc.. So enjoy this little insight
Abby- So about January, February of this year, I got a cute little comment on my blog from a deary named Abby, telling me that she liked my blog and would I check out here blog. That is when I stumbled across Abby’s blog “A Little Blog of Randomness”. I love her blog because it is a sweet little blog that focuses on the Funny, Quirky, Random and positive things about life. And when she got twitter, I began to have little late night (my time) chats with her, and discovered hoe great she is
Abby is an amazing person. She has a fun, quirky personality. She is so likeable and her blog never fails to cheer me up (Especially Random Wednesdays) lives a whopping 16 hours behind me (time wise). But she is always up for a little chat. Abby is just amazing  

Maly- So once again we go back to the beginning of this year. I noticed that Toongen, Georgie, Blaize and others all seemed to be getting tonnes of comments from this chick called maly. So one day on a whim, I visited 7 things.  I knew that as soon I saw that she did a whole heap of lists on her blog that I would be hooked. And like I did with Abby, I visited her twitter. And the rest was history
Maly is my fangirl friend. We share a love of Bones (And its lovely nerdy Boys) Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Pink and other things. Maly understands why I want to throw stuff at the T.V when Booth and Brennan somehow still manage to not get together. Maly is hilarious and witty and just fun to talk to
So there we go. My lovely maly and Abby. They are such wonderful wonderful girls and share so many common goals, dreams and interests. And although we are from 3 different countries, we can get along. So much so that some day’s I go “man It would be epic if Maly and Abby lived in New Zealand (Hmm what a great idea *cough cough*

2 little epic thoughts...:

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Aww thanx Seli! :D I'm a little speechless...

~Abby~ said...

:)))) Thanks Seli! This is such a great idea for a post!

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