Things that make us happy...

Thank you Blaizikins for this very happy tag :)

Okay so we have to list 7 things that make us happy.

We are going to do a list each...

Hmm...a lot of things make me happy! But I guess only 7 will have to do...

 The song "Scream & Shout" by Ozzy. :D

Sleeping in...which is about 8 am for me...what can I say? I'm an early bird!

Kittens! They're so cute and I love to hold & pet them. :)

 Hangin' with my awesome punk baby cousin Kamryn.

Reading a couple chapters of my Harry Potter book before I go to bed every night.!

Truly relaxing in a pool....(isn't this kid so cute?)

The crunchies from Long John Silvers...(don't mind the chicken/shrimp.)



Music and singing
Blogging and the lovely things that accompany it
Reading amazing books and magazines
Having time to myself
Spending time with friends and family


1) Watching a good episode of Bones
2)Hanging out with my home girls
3)Having wonderful adventures
4) Music
5)Cute Pictures that Inspire me
6) Pretty masquerade Balls
7) Fashion

3 little epic thoughts...:

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

That's a great idea - posting each of your lists. Loved everything there, and the fact that Bones makes this list!
Haha, "Blaizikins", I'm going to make my friends call me that ;D

xx Blaize.

Anonymous said...

Bones FTW! Blaize you win at life!
(Actually you won years ago just because but just reminding you)


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

:) it's the new name faze sweeping the globe XD just remember you heard it here first ;)
Bones FTW! :D

Maly Xx.

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