Fun time with Maly...

So the idea behind this is that I saw a Facebook photo tag on someone's profile (I think it was Seli-Bears) and I thought you know what I wanna do that on the blog! haha so for obvious reasons I couldn't do all the tags like my ex or personal stuff like that just for my friends privacy and all that but I answered a good few. 
So the idea is that I put a link in for each one for you too check out. So have some fun with it and if you really can't figure out who's who just ask!

Now shall we call it Fun time with Maly? Yes... Yes.

  1.  My BFF
  2. Someone that can make you smile
  3. Someone with amazing hair 
  4. Someone you trust
  5. Someone who amuses you
  6. Someone you think is weird
  7. Someone you think is unique
  8. Someone with beautiful eyes
  9. 2 people with amazing voices
  10. An awesome actress
  11. An awesome actor
  12. Someone fashionable
  13. Someone your glad you met
  14. The funniest dancer

3 little epic thoughts...:

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

~Abby~ said...

Awww thanks. =)
Ahh yes def Nick has the best hair!
Haaa Gaga is weird but she's mine!
I <3 Katy!
Of course Hayley has an amazing voice; but who is that second person w/ one?
Love this!


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

haha the other one with an amazing voice is Christina Perri and now I think about it I shoulda put a vid instead but meh. go check her out

and thanks Sam :P

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