Guitar case bookshelf...

Is this not just the best idea for a bookshelf? 

Guess what I'm going to be doing... Scouring op shops for a perfect guitar case to turn into a lovely bookshelf for my new bedroom. It would be really cool to cover the inside with album art like they have done with the newspaper.
Oh by the way we get the keys for our brand spanking new house on Tuesday! It's really exciting. I know I haven't really said much or anything really about our new house on this blog or 7things probably because well who really wants to hear about a house being built? But the house we built is a big Italian-style one story house with a massive kitchen and living area. Our block is backed onto a vineyard but we had to put up full fences so the dogs couldn't get out, so we can't really see them much. My bedroom has a sliding door and we have a joke that it will be really easy for me to sneak out. The joke being that I would have nowhere to sneak to. My mum is really exited about the house and she is saying that she can't wait to bake shit loads of stuff in our new massive oven and cook in the kitchen. Their en suite is amazing. It is half the size of their actual bedroom and it has a spa bath (not a big one just a normal bath with jets) and a little private toilet area.
But anyway I can not wait to decorate my room :)
When I was in Phuket last year I found this really cute cushion and I brought it and I found a bedspread that matched it really good and I want to match my bedroom with them. I think a guitar case bookshelf would fit in very nicely. The only thing is though that I'm not allowed to put up my posters or photos on the wall.

Love Xx.

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