And I swear it's you and I swear it's you and I swear it's you...

So I know I am bugging you so much with all my video blogging on here and 7things BUTTTTTT this one really is worth watching. So I hope you all love him at least half as much as me :) 

P.S. my favorite bits are the Tim Tams and when slips XD cause I like to laugh when people are clumsy just because I know I'm worse! I also laughed at the "I'm cleaning my teeth" bit and may possibly have it stuck in my head tomorrow morning. :/

Haha okay so don't judge me about my obsession. At least it's a good one.
:D Maly the Looser Xx.

2 little epic thoughts...:

Barbara said...

Really loved it !!

Anonymous said...

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