June Inspiration♥

Hello my lovely people, I'm back.
I've been at Myrtle Beach, as you know.
June is my favorite month, because DUH summer and it's just so lovely. So I'm doing a post on June/summer.
And guess what? You all get to see some of my vacation pics before I put them up on my blog!!!

Summer means going on the lake with my family...I love tubing!!! :) I rarely get thrown off.

Summer means no school...which means you can be as silly as you want!

Summer means the beach for most of us...this is the view outside of my hotel!

Summer means ice~cream trucks and yummy ice stuff. ♥

For me, summer means PIGGING OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Summer isn't always sunny and pretty though...

There's often heat lightning at night...

And summer is when tornados occur.

A couple summer poems & quotes...

Bed In Summer Poem

In winter I get up at night,And dress by yellow candle light.In summer quite the other way,I have to go to bed by day,
I have to go to bed and seeThe birds still hopping on the tree,Or hear the grown up people's feetStill going past me in the street,
And does it not seem hard to you,When all the sky is clear and blue,And I should like so much to play,To have to go to bed by day?
by Robert Louis Stevenson

In the Good Old Summertime
There's a time in each year that we always hold dear,
the good old summer time;With the birds and the treeses and sweet-scented breezes,In the good old summer time.When your day's work is over then you are in clover,And life is one beautiful rhyme,No trouble annoying each one is enjoying,The good old summer time.
In the good old summertime, in the good old summertime. Strolling through the shady lanes with my baby mine. You hold her hand, and she holds yours, and that's a very good sign. She will be your tootsie wootsie,in the good old summertime.
song by George Evans and Ren Shields

Belly tops, flip flopsLemonade, in the shadeBlue skies, hot guys,Late nights water fights,Ice creams, sweet dreams,Bathing suits, shooting hoops,Party time, schools out,Sleeping in,sneaking outSummer's coming...Summer oh ten, let it begin.

Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes.

Amazing friends; summer nights;Chocolate ice cream; mud slide fights;Half the summer is gone alreadySo lets spend the rest of it; slow and steady.


6 little epic thoughts...:

pumkyn said...

Abby, it looks like you have a lot of fun over the summer!

Emily said...

Great post, i'm completly jelous that you are in summer atm. Australia is just too cold !
love ♥

Camelgirl said...

Welcome back, I'm so jealous of you having summer.
I love you eyes by the way!

Addie said...

Looks like you had fun =)

~Abby~ said...

camelgirl-thank you! :)

Emily said...

Gave you guys an award. get it out http://emulatingemily.blogspot.com/


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