I'll be there for you

What defines a best friend? What are the requirements to be a good best friend? How many hours a week does it entail? Stupid questions that have no answers. A best friend is not defined by how many times they talk on the phone, or how many hours they hang out together. It is not defined by how many sleepovers they gossip at, or how many inside jokes they have. There are no requirements or laws that state that a good best friend must hang out with them every weekend, or tell each other every little detail. A best friend is a matter of opinion. It is the person who has been there for you through everything, not just through the fun things, or the little things. It is the person that you call when you are at your absolute worst, it is the person who saves you when you didn’t even notice that you needed saving, mostly it is the person who accepts you for who you are, and the person that you are becoming.

This quote is sooo true. Best Friends don't have to live together or be together 24/7. Best Friends see and love you at your best and worst. No matter what they can lend you an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on-even if that ear is via a text message and that shoulder through a facebook message. And the beauty of Best Friends is that they can grow older and apart, but no matter what the bond is there.


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Miss Mayhem said...

This is so true! I am going to have to put that quote on my blog... thanks for sharing!

catherine. said...

ill be there for you, when the rain starts to fall
ill be there for you, like ive been there before
ill be there for you, cos you're there for me to

love the remembrands.

Miss Shivi said...

Love this so much. I hate when people brag about all their inside jokes and blah and blah and blah with their friends, makes me feel bleugh. Their friendships probably aren't that much more epic.

Mizz Ali said...

LOVE this i'm gna link the epic post to my blog!

Serena said...

Wow... that was beautiful. I love that quote.
And I love your blog!
Its totally epic. (:
Im gonna follow it,:D
P.S Would you maybe consider following or looking at my blog??

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Sure will :)

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Hey sorry we can't look at your blog because your profile hasn't got a link. If you add one on or just send us the link we will definitely look. :D
Maly Xx.

~Abby~ said...

all very true.
beautiful post. :)

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