Our First Award!!!

Thank you Emily!!! She has gave us our first award "The Lovely Blog of Randomness Award!"

On my blog, I won this award & passed it to Emily..but guess what I forgot to do?
Put down my favorite 17 random things---which is the main part of the tag!!!
So, this is my chance to redeem myself!

The rules of The Lovely Blog of Randomness Award are:
1. Display this award in some way on your blog.
2. Name 17 of your favorite random things.
3. Award 4 of your favorite random bloggers!
Make sure to check all of the nominee's blogs! I award:





Now it's time for the list of my 17 favorite random things!

  1. Not having to wash my makeup off every night...cause I don't wear makeup as often since school is out.
  2. Eyeliner.
  3. Getting Awards
  4. Random blog posts. (Those are the best.)
  5. Hanging out with my older cousins that I don't see very often.
  6. Walden Books:)
  7. When you stumble across some tv show or song that you haven't heard/watched in a looongg time!
  8. Toy Story♥
  9. Strawberry newtons. Mmm...
  10. Rolling down hills
  11. Doing random stuff w/ my BFF Hannah.
  12. Laughing hysterically at the lunch table.
  13. Secretely changing things around the house to pester my mom. ;)
  14. My pink blankie.
  15. not capitalizing sentences.and then putting no space between the first & second sentences.
  16. Using "&" instead of typing "and."
  17. Writing posts for this blog. :)

There ya go people!


10 little epic thoughts...:

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Ew I hate no capitols or spaces! ut I do love to use & instead of and.
hahaha Rolling down hills is fun. I have a fantastic story to tell you about a hill remind me to tell you next time we speak ;)
Have a good day little munchkin.
Maly Ox. haha so do you like my new thing of putting the O in front of the X. have you noticed no one ever does that?!

Maly Xx.

Francesca said...

I love random things! They're so . . . random. :)

Cassidy said...


I went on your OTHER BLOG! Oh, I'm so stupid! I must have sounded so weird! Oh, goodness, soz! I'll take this now.

Addie said...

Cool!! Congrats on your 1st award!
I'm soo excited to see Toy Story 3 aren't you?!

Kipa said...

Thank you so much for your award! I am so excited :). Oh, by the way, you have a beautiful blog :).


~Abby~ said...

addie-yes verryy.
kipa-thank you!

Gabrielle said...

Cool, I made that award!! Congrats :)

<3 <3

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Thanx! :)

Emily said...



Camelgirl said...

Toy Story!!!
Lovely post.

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